One of the great shopping experiences in the Southwest awaits you mere minutes from the Sky Rock Sedona: As a guest of ours, you’ll find yourself perfectly positioned to experience the unique Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village (336 State Route 179), which evokes the look, mood, and spirit of Old Mexico along the rolling waters of Oak Creek.

Introducing Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque (“T-la-keh-pah-keh”) is a word from the indigenous Nahuatl language of Mexico—the tongue of the Aztec Empire—translating to “best of everything.” It reflects not only the quality and diversity of the shopping and dining experience at the village, but also the culture that inspired its creation in the first place.

Nevada developer Abe Miller established Tlaquepaque in the 1970s, purchasing the riverside Sedona property from Harry and Ruby Girard. The beautiful, sycamore-shaded grounds spoke to Miller, an avid traveler enthralled by Mexico and eager to create an arts village patterned after that country’s architecture and aesthetic. He enlisted the help of architect Bob McIntyre to make his vision a reality, the two of them conducting extensive field research south of the border so they could genuinely emulate the appearance, layout, and vibe of a gathering place of Old Mexico.

The result is a singular space defined by arresting Mexican- and Spanish-style architecture, cobblestone charm, and lovely landscaping, which comes anchored by the grand old sycamores Miller promised the Girards he’d preserve after purchasing their land. Indeed, the Tlaquepaque buildings were devised around these arboreal veterans; the trunk of one, for instance, surges through the Rowe Fine Art Gallery.

Stores & Restaurants at Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village

Better than 50 boutiques and art galleries draw Sedona visitors to Tlaquepaque. They cover a marvelous range of territory. Here you’ll find Caravana Jewelry, Bennali Outdoor Gear, Sedona Music Boxes & More, Spirits & Spice, Cecina Sedona, Azadi Fine Rugs, Red Canyon Collections, Cocopah, and Tlaquepaque Toy Town, to mention a few of the stores, plus wonderful showcases for art such as Kuivato Glass Gallery, The Inner Eye Gallery, El Piccolo, and Andrea Smith Gallery.

This is also a place to have a bite and a drink at such dining establishments as El Rincon, Rene Restaurant & Wine Bar, the Secret Garden Cafe, and the Oak Creek Brewery & Grill.

Events at Tlaquepaque

The village also hosts a slew of regular events, including opening receptions, artist demonstrations, fiestas, and more. The Tlaquepaque Chapel, meanwhile—Abe Miller’s favorite structure here, by the way—is a very popular place for tying the knot.

Visit Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village on a Sky Rock Sedona Getaway

From art galleries and specialty shops to restaurants and breweries, tap into the decades-old magic of Tlaquepaque during your stay with us here at the Sky Rock Sedona!