Activities & Wellness 

Sedona is a national center of wellness that boasts a backdrop few counterparts can match. Practicing yoga or enjoying a skillfully executed massage in the heart of the red-rock pinnacles, mesas, and canyons takes “me-time” to an entirely new level—and, admit it, you’ve earned some me-time, haven’t you?

Here we’ve rounded up some information on the health-and-wellness opportunities at hand on a replenishing getaway to the Sky Rock Inn in Sedona. Keep in mind, of course, that these don’t exhaust the possibilities: After all, the world-class hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and other outdoor recreation at your fingertips in Sedona are also very much body-nurturing experiences!

Mountain Biking in Sedona
Relaxing Yoga

Yoga In Sedona

We don’t think it’s an unreasonable claim to suggest Sedona’s one of the best places in the world to practice yoga. That’s on account of the wide variety of yoga studios and teachers here, and because of that extraordinarily gorgeous and inspiring geological setting, which many believe comes infused with healing and stimulating energy to boot.

From Vita Pura Yoga & Hiking to Sedona Spirit Yoga & Vortex Journeys, check out a list of some of the yoga studios in Sedona right here.

We’ll note that our area also plays host to the annual Sedona Yoga Festival, which for teachers and devoted practitioners alike is an absolutely awesome opportunity.

Spas & Massage Therapy

You’ll also find no shortage of wonderful spas and massage therapists in Sedona: mini-oases of calm, tranquility, and rejuvenation nestled amid the more broad-scale oasis of this enigmatic place itself. From aromatherapy to body wraps, bliss out in the heart of the Southwest.

Sedona Vortex Sessions

Sedona is well known for its vortex sites: places where the spiritually inclined sense more concentrated swirls of energy. Besides being popular pilgrimage and meditation destinations, these vortexes (aka vortices) are also sought out for yoga. Whether it’s a class or your own private practice, vortex yoga is easily pursued with a home base at the Sky Rock Inn.

Yoga & Fitness at the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona

Speaking of our boutique Sedona hotel, the wellness offerings here include a fully equipped fitness center, a year-round outdoor heated pool and hot tub, and a Tranquility Room. At the front desk, you can obtain a “gym in a bag” that provides you with hand weights, stretching bands, and a yoga mat perfect for sessions in the privacy of your Sky Rock Inn room or out on one of the promenade terraces.

Vortex Yoga

Whatever path bought you here, there is a reason why you came, though you may not know it now. So, please open your ears and listen. Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.
— Iichi Lee