Spiritual & Metaphysical Energy

Sedona is known worldwide for the spiritual and metaphysical energy many visitors to its red-rock dreamscape experience. What’s remarkable about our area is how deeply it resonates with such a broad spectrum of people. Even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly spiritual individual, the scenic splendor of Sedona is likely to instill something special inside you. Meanwhile, those who ascribe to more spiritual philosophies may have even more to explore here.

A tower of small rocks
Vortex Yoga

From the natural color palette of the land—the burning orange-red of the sandstone contrasting with the piercing blue of the Southwestern sky and the deep green of pinyon, juniper, and riparian vegetation—to the plenitude of healers, spiritual guides, and seekers based or drawn here, Sedona has great power to transform, nurture, and enliven.

Here’s a general overview of some of the more spiritually oriented activities and destinations you can enjoy on a visit to the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona, your home base for Sedona wellness and rejuvenation!

Yoga in Sedona Mountains

Sedona Vortex Sites

Perhaps the best-known manifestations of Sedona’s metaphysical pulse are its vortexes (yes, vortices is the grammatically correct plural form, but vortexes is much more widespread in everyday usage). Many believe these to be especially intense sites of energy, variously upward- or downward-surging, which can stimulate, salve, and center those who visit them. On a broad level the entire region is often considered a vortex, but several smaller, more concentrated vortexes are sought out in Sedona at Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa.

Each of these Sedona vortex sites is easy to access. You can get directions for independent visits here at the Sky Rock Inn, while a variety of different companies and guides offer vortex tours.

Sedona Meditation & Healing Centers

Besides cultivating calm and awareness at the Sedona vortexes and other red-rock havens, you can visit any number of facilities and practitioners to provide both general and focused healing and spiritual sustenance. From crystal work to hypnotherapy to sound healing, explore therapeutic options here. Another popular destination is the Sedona Meditation Center (340 Jordan Road), established by Ilchi Lee and structured around the principles of the ancient Korean practice of Sun Do.

Psychic Readings & Medium Sessions

Explore your spiritual journey with the help of Sedona’s many well-known psychics and mediums; you’ll find a thorough list right here.

Spiritual Sedona at Your Fingertips as a Guest at the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona

Our boutique wellness hotel offers unmatched accommodations for spiritual safaris amid Sedona’s profound natural beauty and shimmering energy. Whether you’re seeking out particular treatments, practices, or spiritual tours, or simply attending to a bit of self-healing and reflection on your own terms, call the Sky Rock Inn your red rock home-away-from-home!

Yoga Classes

You have no idea of the leverage of the Vortex. This is the energy that creates worlds.
— Abraham Hicks