Pet Friendly Hotel in Sedona

Sky Rock Inn of Sedona – a Pet Friendly Hotel in Sedona

Hoping to travel to Sedona with your four-legged friend? Excellent idea! Come join us at the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona: We’re as pet friendly as we can be!

Sky Rock Inn of Sedona: The Perfect Pet-Friendly Lodgings
We’re proud to have earned a “5 out of 5 Bones” rating at, and absolutely love welcoming guests with their best furry buddies in tow. At Sky Rock, we don’t enforce any size restrictions on dogs: From tiny toys to heavyweights, pups of all dimensions find fabulous boutique lodgings alongside their owners here! The complimentary dog biscuits at our front desk, needless to say, are much appreciated by the canine contingent among our guests.
(Of course, service animals are most definitely among the pets welcomed at the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona, and they have full access of the property given their essential work!)

Small dog sitting in a suitcase

Local Walkabouts With Your Four-Legged Companion

Besides the perfection of our accommodations and on-site amenities, our hotel is particularly attractive to Sedona visitors with pets given our location. The Sky Rock grounds are great in and of themselves for (leashed) dog walks, but you’ll also find another convenient option for exercising your pooch close at hand: the Sedona Dog Park, a mere half-mile from our door at 950 Soldiers Pass Road. Our ‘About Town’ Shuttle is pet friendly too, so we can take you there and bring you back when you’re done!

Hiking with Dogs Around Sedona’s Red Rock Country

The Sky Rock property and the municipal dog park are great, but they don’t by any means exhaust the possibilities for soaking up Sedona’s jaw-dropping scenery with your tail-wagging traveling companion. Many of the area’s hiking trails that weave through our red-rock wonderland—such as the Soldier Pass, Vultee Arch, Cathedral Rock, and Devils Bridge trails—are open to dogs.

It likely goes without saying, but when hiking out and about with your pooch be sure to abide by all leash laws and on-trail etiquette (including taking care of pet waste), and obviously bring any and all doggie essentials—from water to first-aid materials. (Besides those aforementioned dog treats, you’ll find pet waste bags available at our front desk.) Keep in mind you may be sharing the trail not only with fellow hikers and dogs but also mountain bikers and equestrians.

One other thing, when the sun gets hot so do the red rocks. So please test the rocks with your bare hand before allowing your friend to hike. Booties are available in several shops in Sedona and are a great way to keep those paw pads from burning.

Pet-Friendly Lodgings at the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona

Please review our pet policy below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We look forward to welcoming you and YOUR Fido to the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona!

Pet Policy

There is a non-refundable fee of $25 (+ tax) per pet, per day. This includes complimentary items available at the front desk, including dog biscuits and pet waste bags (please clean up after your pet on walks or hiking trails).

For the comfort and safety of all our guests as well as your beloved pet, we kindly request all owners to review the following pet guidelines prior to booking, and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our pet policy.

  • Complimentary items are available at the front desk including dog biscuits and pet waste bags. The waste bags are great for red rock hikes as well as walks around the property.
  • If you have to leave your pet alone in the room please place them in a crate or carrier. Please inform the front desk of your plans and leave them your cell phone number. They need to be able to contact you in case of emergency.
  • Pets must be on a leash when walking around the property.
  • Pets are not allowed in the breakfast room, gym or pool.
  • Please pick up after them to help keep the property looking nice for everyone.
  • If cat litter is used – Please do not dispose of it in the toilet as it can damage plumbing. Let the front desk know if you need assistance.
  • The best place in a room for food and water dishes is in the restroom area. The tile floor is non-porous and easy to clean.
  • If staying more than one night please arrange a time to have housekeeping staff clean the room. Room attendants are not allowed to clean the room with pets inside.
  • If pets misbehave or cause damage to the room, additional fees will be incurred. These fees may include deep cleaning and replacement of damaged items.
  • Pets are the sole responsibility of the owner. If other guests are disturbed, the pet owner will be contacted and charges could be incurred. Everyone should be able to enjoy the peaceful serenity of Sedona.
  • Service dogs are given access to all public spaces. They have a very important job to do!
  • The front desk staff can give directions to the Sedona Dog Park located just ½ mile down Soldier’s Pass Road. It’s a great place to meet new friends!
  • More information on local pet stores, groomers, pet sitters and veterinarians is available at the front desk or the Concierge will have it available.


Dog Treats in the Lobby