Practitioner Profiles

Chuck Tyler

Chuck Tyler teaches both Yoga and beginner meditation classes.  He is a certified Yoga instructor with 18 years experience practicing Hatha Yoga.  His approach to Yoga is very Hindu-based, infusing history and culture into his classes as he guides you gently through correct postures.  As a Buddhist, Chuck also teaches beginner meditation.  His methodology is a mix of Hindu breathwork and Zen Buddhism, bringing you the experience of a quiet mind in your very first class with him.  Chuck is also available for private Yoga or meditation HIKES out on the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

A woman playing an instrument at the top of a mountain in Sedona, AZ during a sound healing performance

Sharon Silverstein is a Singer/Songwriter of Conscious Music and Multi-instrumentalist. As an accomplished international musician, Sharon is a self-recorded artist of five albums that are intended to move people to greater self-awareness, unity, and world peace. In 2006 Sharon’s first release was “Alive”, 2011 brought “Chants for Peace” and 2016 she released “Octave of Love”. In 2020, Sharon released her first Native American Flute CD entitled “Wind and Thunder.”  These are original Native American flute songs channeled from Great Spirit.

Sharon is a Master teacher with 30 years of experience. She is a Sound Yoga Practitioner, Certified Music Teacher, Reiki Master, Founder and Director of Living At Peace, LLC, Yoga Instructor, Kirtan Leader and  professional Sonic Sound Healer using sound and music in a powerful way to assist clients and students to break through energetic blockages, activate and clear the chakra system, heal trauma and realize their true nature. Sharon’s work has been featured on local cable television, international radio programs, in local and county newspapers, and in national magazines.


woman in yoga pose

Beth Ann “Sangita” Schroeder, 500-Hour RYT, is a professionally trained classical singer who rediscovered her voice through the practice of devotional chanting after departing from performance singing. In 2005, she began studying yoga with Raji Thron, who taught her the ancient practice of Vedic mantra recitation.

Having studied with a true yoga master, Raji Thron, owner or Yoga Synthesis in NJ, she received her 200-hour certification in 2007 and completed the 500 Advanced certification in 2011. Under the careful guidance of Raji, she studied all of the major branches of yoga in the lineage Sri Krishnamacharya, including Ashtanga, Classical, Iyengar, Kundalini, Desikachar-based “Viniyoga”, and Anusara yoga. This wide range of teaching has allowed her the flexibility to
“synthesize” and customize a yoga practice based on the needs of the student, with the intention of creating a unique experience with each class.

Walking Crow

Walking Crow is a Transformational Shamanic Healer, Life Coach/Mentor, Medicine Man, Drum Maker, Seer, Story Teller, Philosopher, Speaker and Media Host whose emphasis is working with those who want to change their lives. His work in private practice includes workshops that teach others how to be in their bodies and come to peace with life’s traumas through the Chakra system and subtle energy and emotional body. As a Shamanic drummer, Walking Crow uses a 27in Powwow Drum to help others journey into other dimensions to find their spirit guides, spirit animals, gifts, healings or to just find answers in an organic way.  

Sheryl Rogers

Sheryl Rogers has been teaching healing through painting for the past 5 years. She says, “I discovered this painting technique 12 years ago for myself and have been grateful for it ever since.” Through her specific process, playing with paint becomes a kind of meditation which clears the mind of any thought, concept or belief of how a painting should look or how it should be painted. With the use of brushes, sponges and color there is an opportunity to discover the hidden creator within and break through barriers that might have previously hindered creativity.

She has studied several different energetic modalities that complement her painting classes.  Her ability to offer a supportive, non-judgmental and creative environment promotes healing and awareness on many levels.



Adriana Brettell: Yoga has been a life- long journey for me. I was first introduced to yoga in 1967 while living in Laguna Beach, CA. After reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I was inspired to practice yoga and meditation. The asanas provided Moksha (liberation) of the mind, compassion to the soul and health for the body. I have over a thousand hours of teaching experience. I received my certification to teach Yin Yoga in 2014 with Bernie Clark, world renown educator/author. Rached Malouff, my teacher in Hatha Yoga refined my teaching skills. His legacy lives in the heart of all his students. I was also fortunate enough to take Ashtanga Yoga classes with Tim Miller, a master teacher, who was true inspiration! Additionally, I am guided by the teaching’s of BKS Iyengar which are my absolute favorite. I continue to study the Iyengar method of yoga, I feel that I will be a  student for life!
This year has been very enriching and I am so thankful I was able to take two excellent trainings. The first training with Tias Little has provided me with a new level of teaching awareness. How exciting to explore with Tias the detailed nature of anatomy, physiology and neuroscience in relation to the ancient wisdom of yoga, the chakras, and the nadis!  His instruction on the “Art of Sequencing” explored how to acquire balance/ alignment as we build our practice from the ground up. The second part of my training with Tias focussed on “Hands-On Adjustment”. In this segment we learned the subtle art of “body reading” going beyond the physical through touch, feeling the subtle nuances and awareness of each individual’s yoga practice. I am so grateful the universe led me to this knowledge! 


Dennis Young and telescopes
Dennis Young: A Sedona resident for over 35yrs, a Serious stargazer for over 4 decades. An accomplished professional photo artist & professional astronomer is his current profession. People are inspired across the entire planet with his stargazing knowledge he does for national parks, state parks, city, all Schools, corporate companies,(including CNN, Life Magazine, HP, LG, TNT, Christian Dior, Discovery Channel, to name a few), movie stars, Navajo Nation, Casinos and even done tours for NASA.
A builder of large telescopes are his instruments of choice to convey the celestial wonders over the dark skies of Sedona. His photo work he calls, Astro-Scenic-Photography has graced many international books, magazines, newspapers including Smithsonian Magazine, L.A. Times, Meetings And Conventions Magazine, South-West Airlines Brochure(3.2million copies), to name a few.

Current President of Sedona SiriusLookers Astro Club.


Kathy Simonik

Kathy Simonik completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2003 and her 500 hour in 2011. She is an Anusara Certified® Yoga Instructor E-RYT500. Her primary teachers included: John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze, Sianna Sherman and Mitchell Blier, Ross Rayburn, Marc Holzman, Betsy Downing, Amy Ippolilti, Darren Rhodes, Martin and Jordan Kirk and Chad Satlow. Kathy has extensive training in yoga Therapeutics, and weaves this throughout her classes. A former studio owner in Chicago, now a full time resident since early 2019 in Sedona. Her classes focus on refined alignment leaving students feeling empowered, nurtured, and authentic in their practice. 

Linda Whittington

Linda Whittington first stepped into her yoga practice in the summer of 2002 and had no idea how that first class was going to change her life in the most profound way. She felt connected to her breath and body and began taking the first steps on a journey of immense self love and forgiveness. In the Fall of 2011 Linda completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training through the Teton Yoga Shala in Jackson Wyoming and started her journey as a yoga teacher shortly after. Linda has been living and teaching yoga full time in beautiful Sedona since 2014 and has felt immense love and support from the yoga community of Sedona. Linda’s deepest intention as a yoga teacher is to provide a space where each student feels safe and welcome in their practice. Every class begins with the connection to the breath and the energy of the heart to create a practice that honors each student so they can meet themselves on their mat in a space of love and compassion. It is Linda’s belief that finding self love is the way we heal ourselves and our world: “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe deserve your love and affection.” Buddha